Cuddlepot joining me for a Zoom meeting.


Certified Crazy Chicken Lady and the author of the Fluffybutt Love series I am now taking to the skies in aid of the chickens behind bars

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11th June 2021

When I was 15 two things happened:

Chickens entered my life and helped me through very dark days of depression, giving me unconditional love and a sense of belonging.

Also, I witnessed a woman wing walk on her 70th birthday and was inspired to wing walk one day!

So when Jennifer Beasley contacted me about contributing to her fundraising wing walk for rescued hens it was a no-brainer.

As the author of the Fluffybutt Love series (see chickens and the healing they provide are very close to my heart. This is a massive opportunity to give back to the charities that do tremendous work in rescuing ex-commercial hens that have never seen the daylight never mind taken to the skies.

Our chosen non-profit rescues are:

Give a Hen a Home

Fresh Start for Hens

Lucky Hens Rescue


Although I've been up in a small plane before, I've never been up OUTSIDE a small plane before so please do donate to these gorgeous birds - remember just £10 will see you rescuing five birds.  Donate Now


If you are half as crazy about chickens as I am then let's connect!