No easy way to put this

It's Jessie here - it's really hard to share this but sadly my girls lost their gorgeous mommy Cuddlepot as she travelled over Rainbow Bridge last night.

I'm still a mess right now.

I'm the first to say there is absolutely no such thing as 'just a chicken' - this tiny wee bundle of fluff was undoubtedly the biggest unconditional source of love you could ever find.

Her temperament was hard to put into words, she knew exactly who she was, was unashamed of that, took her leadership position seriously yet never bullied, raised 2 sets of babies with the most beautiful mothering instincts, never believed that her size made the slightest bit difference to the size of her character, knew she was a total stunner even when she was moulting, understood the meaning of bravery but not foolishness.

Cuddlepot I'll never forget how you wondered into the middle of the building works we were having done, surrounded by chop saws and sawdust to join the men at lunch and climbed up into their van cab to plead for morsels of their lunch.

Or how you were (rightly) pissed at me for interfering when you were training your babies how to fly and I misunderstood.

Or the way you could communicate exactly what you wanted without raising your voice, so we seldom heard a peep out of you unless you really did need to lay and someone was hogging the nestbox so you would let out your distinctive little cluck that always sounded like you had hiccups.

Or all the baths you took in your stride as we made you comfortable and how you'd lie out on the mat in the sun afterwards to dry off.

Or even how you pointed out to me only a few days ago the 2 buzzards that were soaring waaaay up high in the sky - there never was any flies on you, you were the sharpest little thing and yet the kindest most consistent confident ball of fluff that stole hearts with just one look.

Together we featured on podcasts and live shows and in newspapers.

Missing you like crazy already because you were soo so much more than just a chicken.

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