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I felt it was time to interview mommy so people knew more about her - here's what I found out for you:

Chamois: Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. Mommy: I’m known as a chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass and I can’t disagree! Between escaping cults and keeping chickens I live under a mountain in Wales UK, with my wonderful fiance Dai. I have written 3 books so far with another 6 due out this year. After releasing my memoir Tomorrow’s Not Promised, I seemed to get smitten by the writing bug!

Chamois: Why don't we each get a mention?

Chamois: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? Mommy: The Original Fluffybutt Love is being released this week, think Jack Canfields ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’, only a lot less soup and a lot more chickens!

My chickens have been my saviours throughout an emotionally abusive childhood and been my healers now that I’ve escaped that life too. Discovering that many others had also experienced the healing powers of chickens gave me the inspiration to collect these stories and share them in my book series.

Chamois: I knew that of course, I just needed to hear you say it!

Chamois: Do you have any unusual writing habits? Mommy: Well…I’m not aware of too many other writers who have chickens sat on their desk during proofreading stages!

Chamois: You mean that not all humans do that? Crazy!

Chamois: What authors, or books have influenced you? Mommy: Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Soul for sure! But I also read a lot of memoirs of those overcoming adversity growing up. I loved all 3 books of Ben Carson and was actually reading his ‘Take The Risk’ book as I escaped the cult, I still haven’t finished it and the bookmarker stays there as a reminder.

Chamois: I don't hear anything about chickens in there which is odd, but I do know it was a tough time for you. You even sent us to live with some other couple for a few days - they pretended they were going to keep us and that was awful!

Chamois: What are you working on now? Mommy: I am working on a sequel to my memoir – Tomorrow’s Not Promised, which will be titled ‘Make Today Count’ and I’m also already working on the next two books in the Fluffybutt Love series – ‘Fluffybutt Love Special Rescue Edition’ and ‘More Fluffybutt Love’.

Chamois: Not biased or anything but I know which books you enjoy writing most - just sayin'!

Chamois: What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books? Mommy: That I am still discovering! I’ve been looking at influencers, bloggers, and websites like this, in addition to my own social platforms and email list.

Chamois: Gotta say you've done a helluva lot more crowing about The Fluffybutt Love books than you ever did about your memoir!

Chamois: Do you have any advice for new authors? Mommy: Just do it. Stop overthinking, you can always improve later, you don’t need special software or any qualifications.

Chamois: OMG?! Why would people overthink things? That's nuts! I mean it only takes me 2 hours to figure out where to lay an egg...

Chamois: What is the best advice you have ever heard? Mommy: ‘Just write the fucking book’ – Leonie Dawson

Chamois: I don't know who Leonie Dawson is but I think she meant 'Just write the clucking book' - otherwise it's a bit rude.

Chamois: What are you reading now? Mommy: 88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life

Chamois: That's the one from those guys in America Vincent & Joanne, right? The one we usually just walk in and disturb you reading!

Chamois: What’s next for you as a writer? Mommy: Hitting Amazon #1, and achieving NYT Best Seller status!

Chamois: You are gonna fly mommy, because we are all going to lift you up on our wings!

Chamois: What is your favorite book of all time? Mommy: Ben Carsons – Think Big. But then I never read a book twice.

Chamois: Yeah, that kinda doesn't surprise me!

Chamois: Any links you wanna share?

Mommy: Well yes, because all good author's do!

Author Websites and Profiles Jessie Shedden Website Jessie Shedden Amazon Profile

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