I'm pretty certain she's never admitted this before but here we go!

Updated: Apr 5

Some of you will know mommy's background and why they call her a chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass, and some of you will have even read her memoir Tomorrow's Not Promised.

But here's something I'm going to let you in on right now - she got into creating the Fluffybutt Love book series because she found that your stories about your chickens were healing for her to read.

Every time you send her one of your stories, a little bit more of her heals and comes alive, and believe me there's quite a bit of healing needed!

So not only do your chickens touch your heart, they touch her heart, and they are going to touch the hearts of 1,000's of others when they are read in the Fluffybutt Love book series.

Sharing your stories is far more important than you ever believed, thank you!

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