Oh and I don't mean The Original edition that's coming out tomorrow. I mean the next edition! More Fluffybutt Love

It's been fabulous this week to add stories from New Zealand, all across the USA and UK.

A big thank you to the brilliant contributors: Abby Noire

Ashley Miranda

Donna Nash

Nicki Murphy

Jessica Trotter Kira-Leigh Witherington

Lisa Dorson

Louise Mack

Natasha Rinaldi

Stories this week have included:

  • Chickens that were ring bearers at weddings,

  • Gender changing chickens,

  • Chickens who filled a spot after losing a relative

  • Chickens that wear bra’s – intHENtionally

  • Moody Broodies

  • Chickens that mothered ducklings

  • The incredible paternal instincts of cockerels

  • City dwellers who exchanged their makeup, cute shoes and Coach purses for chickens and wellies

  • Chickens with leg paralysis and devoted human dad carers

Butterscotch is asking when we'll be receiving more stories in?

She says I should tell you that the next book is already a quarter full now, so proud chicken parents would be best to get writing their stories fast!

Pick up The Original Fluffybutt Love today.

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