Chicken-loving, Cult-escaping Badass

Who is Jessie Shedden?

In the past I would have shuffled my feet, looked at thefloor and mumbled my name, but not today. Today I will look you right in the eye and grinning say “I’m achicken-loving, cult-escaping badass!”

You, of course will look at me with equal part puzzlement and part awe.

Openly acknowledging to the world at a large that I am a certified crazy-chicken lady is a splash of the bold (thanks Trivento!), but cult-escaping too?! As I document in my memoir Tomorrow’s Not Promised I spent the first thirty years of my life growing up in a strict religious cult, and the last three making up for lost time.


When I am not helping others escape the cult I was in, you will find me in my office with at least one of my chooks gathering stories from all around the globe for the Fluffybutt Love book series.

Pre COVID19 days I enjoyed travelling with my trusty camera by my side, nowadays I spend the time reading or being guest interviewed on all manner of podcasts. In fact, I have actually been featured in The Sun Newspaper & The Daily Express, on BBC Radio, Somerset Life and in a range of other books.

I’m also an international published model, have hosted modelling events, trained in catwalk routines, and written for Medium,  Elephant Journal and ThriveGlobal. Back in the days of shows I was a Classic American Car photographer and as a hobby I breed & keep rare breed bantam chickens. And lastly, I am a massive 1950’s pinup, Dolly Parton, Country & Western lover.